Our team of media experts enable the right mix of PR, Publicity, Strategic Communications, and Marketing to launch expansive exposure for Farendipity brand and prospective clients.  Our Marketing Teams will provide traditional as well as targeted, out-of-the-box concepts to elevate our brand/business to the next level. Our team brings the right expertise mix of Strategic Communications & PR Consultants as well as other team experts with proven track records.


To elevate our brand to the next level, we will identify the gaps in our current business model refocus our value proposition, and then place the brand in front of the right target market using appealing and effective communication tools.


After identifying and pointing out the problem, we will market our brand as the Solution. We create and implement concepts and stories that appeal to the intended target market. We look for gaps present in our business model, then we design creative marketing strategies to fill in those gaps. Whether it’s employing traditional marketing tactics such as radio, television and film product placement, or using new media outlets such as creating digital campaigns, and engaging social media influencers, we build the right marketing plan.


We will provide marketing strategies that engages our brand with people through public relations, clever marketing, and targeted social media campaigns. The goal is to increase the visibility of a brand by placing it in front of the right target market.


Please review the following Plan from Pre-Launch to Launch and Incremental Long-

Term Growth, as depicted through 4 Key Phases of Strategic Communications.



Farendipity is a Mobile Game Application designed to serve as a smart virtual travel planner, simulation of real-life travel preferences. From simple text search of local venues to affordable holiday planning or luxurious getaway vacations, Farendipity offers simple reference tool with text search functionality to active engagement and travel booking through available links to partner sites.

Target demographic will include (but not limited to) 18-35-year-old millennials. Users will develop their unique virtual identities and build their page to their personal preferences as well as a referral tool to share with likeminded friends and family. From promotional codes, loyalty incentives, page-share incentives, to applicable discounts via click-through link, there is much to gain as an end-user with a Personal Travel Account on Farendipity.


While the App is set to launch within an approximate 90 days, our Marketing Teams aims to empower Farendipity through logistical, technical, marketing, and promotional execution pre-launch. Once this foundation is solid and impactful, our team of experts will guide a strategic implementation of the App launch and comprehensive strategic communication plan that is further detailed in this proposal.


Marketing Challenges


The primary goal and focus for Farendipity is to target the 66% or two-thirds of the millennial population residing in the United States who earn an income below $75,000,00 per year. According to The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, if you research Brand positioning, it is no longer about trying to sell the Brand, but more about relating to the end-user or the target market/demographic.

How can we relate to the mass majority of people that make less than $75,000.00 per year?

The solution is simple.

Encapsulate Farendipity as a lifestyle brand with creative concepts encompassing prospects’ personal journey to create a compelling campaign. This strategy emotively promotes that everyone needs a break to “experience the ecstasy and exultation of our own spirit, which is the ultimate goal of all goals.” Farendipity reflects and compels the consumer to become a part of something bigger than just a brand—it’s about refocusing on the self… indulging in a virtual, metaphysical, or tangible journey to a destination filled with relaxation/peace, being present, and re-centering from the everyday stress and hustle.

  • Emulate past struggles and journey as an empowerment platform for the brand. By coining quotes, such as: “Hurricanes come to pass never to stay.” “Choose happiness. There is no guilt in indulgence… treat yourself by living your best life.”
  • Elevate the emotional connection to “Feeling good, Attracts good” concept. Create quotes, events, hashtags, and social media/event buzz around it, thereby truly creating a memory, not just an experience.
  • Re-position society’s definition of Life and the meaning behind Indulgence and The Self.
  • Broaden brand marketability through a wide-range of multimedia channels, while pushing engagement of all products offered in tandem.
  • Strategically align multimedia efforts for the greatest brand impact, credibility, and engagement.

Marketing Solutions


We must look at the challenges that the so-called “middle class” faces on a daily basis, i.e., living paycheck to paycheck, unable to purchase a new home or vehicle, no travel, limited life experiences, children missing out on extra-curricular activities which enhance their life experience, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, etc. We need to show dilemmas people are facing on a national scale due to the restriction on money and amplify them—Farendipity offers the solution. Statistics show that one out of four people suffer heart attacks before they even reach 50 years old. So, the question is, shouldn’t everyone be experiencing the ultimate Farendipity?   This Virtual App enables millennials the opportunity to enjoy tailored moments, staycations, vacations, and much more—more importantly, the ability to find your true happiness by refocusing on yourself and living your best life… at prices suited to individual budgets.


Ultimately, Farendipity is selling a lifestyle that will increase your life span, reduce stress, reignite happiness, all while allowing for savings in time and affordability for leisure.


  • Propel concepts that the average person can relate using a feel-good, emotive message. This process will be done through photos, fun quotes, and tagging social Media Influencers/Celebrities to share on their platforms. This method is used to create visibility, and leverage their followers, based on a parallel sector.
  • Pitch, George Turner, for radio interviews, magazine placements, podcast interviews, etc.—encompassing positive thinking, power in the Law of Attraction, being kind to yourself, loving yourself, and being unique.
  • Offer giveaways, collaborating with our other brands. The giveaway will line-up with a seasonal approach. All prospects must create a Virtual Profile for your mailing list in order to enter for the giveaway. This process is used to collect database information for future promotions, offers, cross-promotion, and marketing, which also serves to leverage followers and well-established brands.
  • Integrate our relationships with Influencers, Editors, Celebrities, and Producers to pitch the concepts to different outlets, such as: BlogHer, SheKnows Media, The Talk, The Reel, radio placements, etc. Utilize existing videos and propel through other social media influencers and public figures to appeal to the distinct markets.

Campaign Analysis & Rollout


PHASE 1 (60 days)


This initial phase is centered around fine-tuning and elevating all technical/functional aspects of your App prior to an official launch. This would include, but not be limited to the following:


  • Finalize all digital aspects of the App as parallel to the Website. Our team of experts will provide recommendations for language, branding, photography, technical setup, graphics, emotive appeal, congruence with both platforms, and user-friendliness of the navigation and engagement.
  • Align consistency in brand positioning across all social media platforms. Develop and implement the utilization of analytics, digital ad retargeting campaign, cookies, Google SEO, back-links, etc.
  • Once retargeting ads are active, engage with influencers, public figures, mom bloggers, celebrities, and online networks to start buzzing about the brand to drive traffic to the site and App.
  • Initiate pre-production of video development for digital sponsored ads, radio spots, and tv commercials to include setup, structure, messaging, video formats, etc.

PHASE 2 (90 days)



This launch is all about education, awareness, Guerilla Marketing through the fear-factor in stress implications on health and happiness, correlated with Farendipity as the complete solution.


  • Development of commercials (edits to 60-second tv commercials, Website use, Sponsored Ads, Social Media Influencers, 30-second radio spots, etc.) to include shooting the video, script development, talent/influence/celebrity inclusion, and rounds of editing.
  • Create marketing materials for events, mailers, promotional materials, incentive and loyalty programs, etc.
  • Employ Ambush Marketing techniques for 3 annual high-profile events connected to The Oscars, The Emmys and other high-profile Celebrity Events (includes setup and take down of Farendipity booth onsite) around next springtime. Engage celebrity endorsements through incentivized sponsorship.
  • Garner support from target news stations, radio, and morning shows for social media promotion.
  • Promote travel/vacation giveaways through Farendipity partnerships throughout multimedia channels.

PHASE 3 (90 days)



Within one year, Americans have tripled the amount of time they spend on social networking sites and many companies have taken notice and they are beginning to plug themselves into outlets such as Twitter, Instagram, etc… Why?   People are going to talk about your brand online one way or the other. By participating in Social Media, you can become a part of that conversation. We know by observing many company mistakes throughout social media that companies/brands cannot control the conversation, but they absolutely can at least let their voices, personalities, and stances be heard.

Social Media supports the efforts and accomplishments of public relations and marketing by creating a social media campaign which is built around the efforts of Marketing and Public Relations.

Public Relations and Marketing need a Social Media machine supporting its efforts in order to build the numbers.

  • Target platforms to include, but are not limited to, the following: Radio, Television, Business Magazines, News Media, Entertainment Media, Television, Radio, Health Blogs, Celebrity Blogs, Food & Beverage Publications, Travel Magazine, etc.
  • Enlist well-known celebrities to promote Farendipity.
  • Initiate a street- and top-market campaign on foot as well as through use of pop-up shops in high-traffic areas to include Colorado Springs, San Diego, Dallas, Miami Beach, etc. These shops focus on the emotive appeal for need to relax and take a break from work/life stress by relaying an emotive, sensorial, and olfactory escape from everyday stress with a vacation-style appeal and partner product giveaways to encourage on-site engagement.

PHASE 4 (90 days)




This portion of the campaign focuses on continual upgrades to the Website and App to keep it fresh, functional, and create a systematic approach in growth through partnerships, incentivized giveaways, and partnership loyalty programs.  This phase focuses on continued media coverage throughout multimedia channels, celebrity/influencer endorsements, attendance in high-profile events, and long-term growth plans.


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