There are potential for connecting the business side of the app with the game

  • Modeling real locations in the game (hotels, cabins, etc.)
  •  Including ads in-game from certain companies
  • Offering incentives like discounts for actual life travel for accomplishing things in-gamee Sponsored events
  •  Fashion items as rewards with brand logos or other virtual achievements
    and virtual currency
  • Personalized travel planning, bookings, rewards/discounts


Our Smart Travel Shopping Assistant will personalize, customize and proactively automate travel & tourism bookings, activities, travel incentives, getaway experiences, and recommendations to leisure and business travel consumers based on their user profile and historical data using our predictive machine learning engine. Tourism brands can offer personalized discounts, getaway offers, and rewards to new and existing customers from their advertiser dashboards.

On the business side, the product offered can differ in complexity. For example, a client can either demand a recreation of his/her hotel or mountain track, which is highly personalized work, or invest in more minor things like in-game items or ads—or offer discounts in real life for game achievements.

The business platform could offer various plans for interested businesses, with higher and lower pricing depending on the content they want to be inserted into the game. 

Consumer insights & analytics

Customers will have access to a Predictive Machine Learning System and Consumer analytics data along with other useful information like demographics and psychographics which they can use to target them, Ad serving, tracking, and reports. By using the approach mentioned before, the two development tracks, the business app, and the game client are kept separate.
This will keep the approach modular and allow each time to focus on their track. One maintains the business website and client relationships. The other continuously updates the game according to client orders.

Location based Unity 2D/3D/Interactive web app environment

Consumers will interact with Customer Services in a 2D web app environment to make the experience highly interactive and engaging. This would entail the creation of a 2D location- DN Unity: based web app game where users can view, purchase, experience, and interact with the corresponding realworld services, e.g. shopping, bookings among others.

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