The app is an unusual one, as it is a combination of a web app and a hybrid, free-to-play, Metaverse OTA in a Blockchain Mobile Game App, offering Central Bank Digital Currencies, tied to a startup (OTA) that runs from a central server, but its in-game assets (CBDCs) can be utilized for actual travel, hospitality, and tourism purchases in the marketplace. There are two separate teams, as those are different fields. The layers are separated but united at specific points, so to allow the game development team to work independently from the web team.

Game App

The game app could either be done in Unity or Unreal Engine. The game app would have to be a proof of concept with a small vertical slice containing main
functions only It would require a team of around 2 developers at least

The game would accomplish the following essential tasks :

  • Provide a casual gaming experience for a broad audience
  • Focus on sight-seeing and socializing as the main appeal
  • Motivate individuals to engage in real-world tourism
  • Allow advertisers to take advantage of the platform

Web App

A Responsive web app is built for business clients using *Node.js with React for frontend. Potential
technologies used are Bubble (PWA) / React Native (Cross app).

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