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About Farendipity

Farendipity was founded in Brooklyn, NY in 2013. Since, the company has been focusing on introducing a brand-new way with central bank digital currencies to plan, book, and finance travel, hospitality & tourism, calculate your travel value, and ditch the old way of booking getaways & earning rewards with immersive & interactive advertising.

Imagine the first online travel agency and mobile video game business where you can tailor your game experience to each player, traveler, destination, or brand with personalized placements for engagement, monetization, player joy, and business possibilities. A machine learning engine that optimizes for lifetime value. A predictive engine that makes a decision for every single player. Essentially we empower you to deliver the most impact content at any point of your player’s journey. Farendipity is a smart & fun virtual travel planner in an open-world video game concept that the player can explore or approach travel booking objectives freely.


Farendipity aims to connect travelers to travel, hospitality, and tourism businesses using technology. Automated service to enable direct integrations with systems for buying and managing travel, accommodations, and experiences over the internet.

The primary goal and focus for Farendipity are to target the 66% or two-thirds of the millennial population residing in the United States who earn an income below $75,000,00 per year. According to The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, if you research Brand positioning, it is no longer about trying to sell the Brand, but more about relating to the end-user or the target market demographic.


To elevate our brand to the next level, we will continue to focus on the future of travel, hospitality, tourism, and technology-driven financial services in the travel economy, which holds the potential to open financial markets to underserved communities.

Encapsulate Farendipity as a lifestyle brand with creative concepts encompassing prospects’ journey to creating a compelling campaign. This strategy emotively promotes that everyone needs a break to “experience the ecstasy and exultation of our spirit, which is the ultimate goal of all goals.” Farendipity reflects and compels the consumer to become a part of something bigger than just a brand— it’s about refocusing on the self… indulging in a virtual, metaphysical, or tangible journey to a destination filled with relaxation/peace, being present, and re-centering from the everyday stress and hustle.



Empowering People and Business to seamlessly connect anywhere Faster, Efficiently, And Reliably.


Engaging Users Through Interactive Platforms, Connected Gaming, and Other rich Entertainment Experiences.


Creating and/or enabling Personalized Customer Success Solutions and Experiences.


Predicting, Shifting, and Analyzing Behaviors to Stand out in a crowded digital world.

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