Travelers dread planning to travel, online travel agencies are not offering travelers curated and economical options to travel

Consumers want excitement for new life experiences, without restrictions on money

Brands are overspending on advertising with no guarantee of recapturing returns and consumer engagement

Digital Ad expenditure: Consumers, the most important party in the value exchange of advertising, received nothing

Still, there lacks a happy medium between brands and effective consumer and advertising engagement

Brand positioning: How do we guarantee consumer engagement for brands? The solution is simple.


The solution is simple.Farendipity democratizes the way brands and consumers interact by mobile video gaming and financing the online travel, hospitality, tourism, and centralized and decentralized financial markets utilizing an innovative metaverse OTA business model, blockchain mobile game app, and technology-driven financial services. Ultimately, creating a
supply and demand for travel and tourism that allows Farendipity to meet the consumer and the advertiser at every phase of the traveler’s journey with curated getaways and economical options to travel.

We must look at the challenges that the so-called “middle class” faces daily, i.e.,living paycheck to paycheck, being unable to purchase a new home or vehicle,no travel, limited life experiences, children missing out on extra-curricular activities which enhance their life experience, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, etc. We need to show the dilemmas people are facing on a national scale due to the restriction on money and amplify them. Farendipity offers the solution. Statistics show that one out of four people suffers heart attacks before they even reach 50 years old. So, the question is, shouldn’t everyone be experiencing the ultimate Farendipity? This Virtual App enables millennials to enjoy tailored moments, staycations, vacations, and much more—more importantly, the ability to find their true happiness by refocusing on themselves and living their best life… at prices suited to individual budgets.

” Ultimately, Farendipity is selling a lifestyle that will increase your life span, reduce stress, reignite happiness, all while allowing for savings in time and affordability for leisure “


Leisure, Business, Domestic & International Travelers

Local Businesses, Online Advertisers, Destination Marketing Organizations,
Convention & Visitor Bureaus, Local & Federal Governments, Central Banks

Farendipity app screenshot

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